Worst Times to Get a Cold Sore

We all know that there’s no “good time” to get a cold sore, but they always seem to appear at the worst possible opportunities. If you find yourself with one of these upcoming events or milestones coming, you’ll want to grab your InterceptCS™ and zap that cold sore away before the big day!

1. Weddings










An almost guaranteed situation for a cold sore to appear, weddings can bring out the best – and worst – in us (learn more about cold sores and emotions). Often hectic and stressful, these are the perfect conditions for a cold sore outbreak to occur. Lasting upwards of 2-3 weeks, you can be sure if you feel a tingle before the reception, it’ll be a full-blown outbreak by the time the vows are signed! Also, there’s all those wedding pictures; you’ll want to look your best for those lifelong memories!

2. Job Interview








First impressions can make or break an interview with a potential employer. While a cold sore may or may not reflect your work habit, it sure will leave a lasting impression on the person interviewing you. The last thing you need before a big job interview is added stress, so to avoid a cold sore before a big event like this, before to get lots of sleep and avoid common illnesses to keep cold sores under wraps.

3. Child Birth








This one is a big one. You’ll want to be your best when you welcome a new child into your life, but those suffering from cold sores need to have extra precaution. Apart from being unsightly, cold sores can be very dangerous to new born babies. The virus can easily overwhelm their immune systems and is potentially fatal. So, when you bring you baby into their new world, be sure to be cold sore free.

4. Graduation








Whether it’s from high school, university, or anything in between, graduation day is an important milestone for many people. With all the picture taking, hugging, and sometimes kissing, you’ll want to be sure a cold sore doesn’t appear. Again, the key is reducing stress and sleeping well to keep your immune system up to speed to avoid an ill-timed cold sore outbreak. Also, make sure you ask yourself, is it a cold sore or a pimple, to know how to take the appropriate action.

5. Date Night








You’ve got the look, your hair is looking better than it ever has, and tonight you have a hot date. Just one problem..you can feel that all-to-familiar cold sore beginning to appear the night before. You have two choices, grab your InterceptCS™ and stop that cold sore dead in its tracks, or hit the sack and hope for the best. But you can sure that it’ll be more than awkward having to explain what’s on your lip to your date later.

The solution to all these problems? The only device on the market proven to prevent cold sores before they appear. No more worrying, no more stress. Just grab your InterceptCS™ device, zap and go! Find out more about our cold sore prevention device today!

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