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Intercept The Virus Before It Grows

The InterceptCS™ Cold Sore Prevention System Is the First Product Clinically Proven and
Approved For the Prevention Of Cold Sores

Preventative Action

InterceptCS™ is the closest we’ve ever been to a complete cold sore remedy. When symptoms start, quickly manage the outbreak with fast acting thermal therapy.

Clinically Proven

The proprietary InterceptCS™ is proven via clinical study and approved for cold sore prevention.* It uses non-invasive thermal therapy for fast-acting and powerful results.

*Based on double blind placebo study the InterceptCS™ is approved for the claim “For prevention of cold sores when used within 3 hours of the onset of the prodrome.” by Health Canada.
The InterceptCS™ is not approved by the United States FDA for any claim of clinical indication, clinical efficacy, and/or cure or prevention of disease.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

InterceptCS™ is made to provide years of cold sore relief, we cover 2 years against manufacturing defects and a 90-day money back policy if you’re not totally satisfied.

Prevent Your Next Cold Sore Outbreak From Ever Happening, and Live With Confidence!

No Prescription, No Side Effects

Enjoy Fast, Effective Relief Without Seeing Your Doctor. No More Harmful Side Effects, Prescription Medication, Or Visits To the Clinic. Just Zap, And Go

Proprietary Thermal Therapy Technology

This breakthrough product is comprised of an ergonomically designed hand held unit and a disposable cold sore treatment activator, for quick, efficient relief from cold sore symptoms.

Topical Heat

The InterceptCS™ system provides controlled topical heat without the risk of burning the skin. The device’s controlled range of heat naturally prevents cold sore outbreaks.

Precise Treatment Regimen

Three thirty second applications of infrared heat separated by 60 second cooling times provide proven, effective prevention from cold sores early-on.

Disables HSV-1

Infrared light, combined with our septic system, penetrates deep within the skin to treat infected cells. Heat conductivity further attacks the infection by killing off virally-infected cells.

Prevents Outbreaks At First Sign

Early treatment in the prodromal stage is crucial to preventing your cold sore outbreak. For best results, apply to the site where the prodromal symptoms of the outbreak are felt within three hours.

Non Invasive Treatment

InterceptCS™ uses cutting-edge Thermal Therapy technology, which utilizes topical, controlled heat without burning the skin. InterceptCS™ is also safe to use while pregnant.

5 Simple Steps to
Preventing Your Next Cold Sore

Live Comfortably with these five easy steps using InterceptCS™

  • 1

    Remove all makeup, including lipstick or lip balm from the face. Use a tissue to remove any moisture on your lips.

  • 2

    Place the blue applicator tip gently on the area showing symptoms (i.e. cold sore on lip). Do not apply excessive pressure.

  • 3

    Press and hold the activation button. The device will begin treatment. Once the treatment cycle is complete, wait the 60 device programmed seconds before beginning the next application.

  • 4

    The device has 3 LED numbers. Repeat steps 1-3 for each treatment, with a waiting period of 60 device programmed seconds between each application.

  • 5

    After the third treatment, discard the used Treatment Applicator and replace with a fresh one. That’s it! In under 5 minutes you will have effectively managed your cold sore and will begin to see results in under a day!


LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Hight/Low battery indicator Treatment counter


Convenient Hand Grip


Insert 9V Battery


Applicator Tip
Applied to the area where a cold sore is about to appear


Button A
Activation button


Button B
High/Low battery indicator


Treatment Activator
Inserted here


Treatment Activator
Easily inserted here

Discover The InterceptCS™ System

Be Confident Knowing Your Cold Sores Won’t Control Your Life


Eliminate the cold sore stages before they even appear, leaving your lips clean, clear and free from infection.

Medical Grade

Clinically proven and proprietary thermal therapy technology offers cutting-edge relief from blistering, lesions, inflammation and discomfort.

Tested Treatment

Specific, timed treatment effectively keep cold sores at bay, with proven Thermal Therapy Technology.