What is Cold Sore Prevention?

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The Closest We've Been to a Cold Sore Cure The situation is all too familiar – it’s a Friday night, you’re getting ready to call it a night, and you feel that familiar tingling on your lip. That’s when the panic sets in, that “Oh…

Managing Your Emotions with Cold Sores

Sometimes, we like to think “That will never happen to me.” One of those things is probably cold sores. After a night of drinking, hanging with friends, meeting someone new, or even out of the blue, we suddenly find ourselves dealing with…

Is It a Pimple... Or a Cold Sore?

You’re doing your morning routine and you notice a tender spot on your lip. A closer look shows the beginnings of a nasty looking sore, and your mind begins to race. Is it a pimple? Are my lips chapped? Or, is it a dreaded cold sore outbreak? As…