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Worst Times to Get a Cold Sore

We all know that there’s no “good time” to get a cold sore, but they always seem to appear at the worst possible opportunities. If you find yourself with one of these upcoming events or milestones coming, you’ll want to grab your InterceptCS™ and zap that cold sore away before the big day! 1. Weddings […]

New Special Limited Time Offer

We have exciting news! For a limited time, InterceptCS™ is now 20% off with any purchase, with free shipping! What does that mean? You can have proven cold sore treatment at your home in case of any situation. Got a big job interview coming up? Or maybe going on a date in the near future? […]

Immune System Strategies

While the herpes virus is known for causing cold sores, it can also be responsible for other potentially serious side effects, such as blindness and potentially lethal encephalitis. To prevent these consequences, the immune system is kept under constant guard of the virus. Cold Sores & The Immune System The immune system does an amazing […]

Cold Sore Triggers

What can Trigger a Cold Sore? Some of the most common aspects of our lives can trigger cold sore outbreaks. Various factors influence when and how severe a cold sore can be. You can avoid your next serious outbreak by avoiding a couple key triggers that surround our daily routines, and by being proactive. Learning […]