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Your Liver & Cold Sores

Most people wouldn’t associate the liver and cold sore outbreaks. But the way your liver operates could point to why you’re having constant, recurring outbreaks of cold sores. Healthy living is a critical step in eliminating outbreaks before they happen. There is a substantial relationship between cold sores and the immune system. The immune system […]


What Causes Cold Sores?

What Are Cold Sore Causes? Essentially, cold sores are a strain of the herpes simplex virus, HSV-1. Surprisingly, estimates are that over 80% of the population in North America carries the herpes virus, though inactive. Many factors determine if the virus will remain dormant in a person or if it will be active. Another aspect […]


Managing Your Emotions with Cold Sores

Sometimes, we like to think “That will never happen to me.” One of those things is probably cold sores. After a night of drinking, hanging with friends, meeting someone new, or even out of the blue, we suddenly find ourselves dealing with an issue we never even thought of before. You think to yourself “Why […]


Is it a Cold Sore or a Pimple?

You’re doing your morning routine and you notice a tender spot on your lip. A closer look shows the beginnings of a nasty looking sore, and your mind begins to race. Is it a pimple? Are my lips chapped? Or, is it a dreaded cold sore outbreak? As many as 90% of the population has […]


Cold Sores During Pregnancy

How To Manage Cold Sores During Early Pregnancy and Beyond. If you’re pregnant, you’ve already got enough on your mind. The last thing you want to worry about is a cold sore outbreak. However, those with recurring cold sores can probably expect a cold sore during their pregnancy term. Learning what to expect can be […]

Cold Sore Treatment Tips

It’s Friday night, and you’re ready to go out on the town with you and your friends. But you noticed a tingling on your lower lip last night, and now you’ve woken up to a great, big cold sore! You need something that’s going to get rid of that pesky bump by tomorrow, so what […]


What is a Cold Sore?

We’ve explored how to avoid cold sores, what triggers them and how you can live cold-sore free. We decided it was time to return to the fundamentals, and explain the basics of cold sores, what causes them and where they come from. Read below to learn more about what is a cold sore. Cold sores, […]


What To Expect | Cold Sore Medications

Know What You’re Taking Cold Sores affect millions of people across the country, with studies showing 80% of the population will suffer from the incurable infection. In response, there have been dozens of medications created to battle the Herpes virus. However, a number of these oral medications have harmful side effects, ranging from mild to […]