Zovirax Cold Sore Treatment Review
Zovirax is an over-the-counter drug that treats cold sores and other infections. Also called Acyclovir it gets rid of the pain and itching. It heals faster, keeps new sores from forming and stops the virus from spreading in weak immune systems. It comes in capsule, tablet and liquid form. Talk to your doctor before taking this medication.

How Does Zovirax work?
At the start of an outbreak take the capsule or tablet medication two to five times a day as prescribed. Take it in the mouth with or without food. Take the medication until the dosage is completely used. The liquid form must be shaken well before each dose. Measure the dose using a measuring spoon not a household spoon. Take the medication until the dosage is completely used.

Zovirax Safety
Get treated now; it doesn’t work as well if treatment is delayed. Drink fluids often unless the doctor says otherwise. Zovirax can cause nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, mental mood changes, shaky or unsteady movement, kidney problems and/or trouble speaking. In rare cases it causes a life-threatening disorder that affects the blood and kidneys along with other parts of the body. Get immediate help for more serious side effects. Zovirax doesn’t work with Benemid or any other drugs. Talk to your doctor if the condition gets worse or continues with no improvement.

Zovirax removes the symptoms and reduces the length of the outbreak. The virus remains in the body. Even with those scary side effects, doctors prescribe it to patients because it’s more beneficial to them than not.