Nexcare Cold Sore Treatment

Nexcare Cold Sore Treatment
Nexcare Cold Sore Treatment Cold sores appear on the skin when there’s a virus passed through skin contact. It appears as itchy and painful blisters on the lips. While there is no cure for this virus Nexcare Cold Sore Treatment can get rid of the one already there. Using this product will quickly rid you of discomforting cold sore symptoms.

How Does Nexcare work?
Apply this on the area with a clean finger as soon as possible. Use this between three and four times a day. This provides fast relief and softens scabs. It relieves dryness and temporarily relieves pain, itching and inflammation. This is thanks to active ingredients like enriched vitamin C & E, tea tree oil, allantoin, benzocaine and microvex. Benzocaine gets rid of the pain and allantoin protects the skin and keeps it moist. Microvex is a soothing, non greasy emollient that provides deep moisturizing and this ingredient makes all the difference.

Nexcare Safety
Do not use this product if you are allergic to any ingredient mixed in the product. Don’t get this product in your eyes. Consult a doctor if it’s a child two years old and under. Stop and ask a doctor about this if the condition worsens, if there is no improvement after seven days or if it goes away and comes back in a few days. When storing the room should be around 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep away from children. This is for external use only.

Nexcare Conclusion
With the help of Microvex and natural ingredients Nexcare Cold Sore Treatment stands out from the other brands to truly relieve the symptoms of cold sores. Since this product gets rid of the symptoms and not the actual cold sore you may have to find another product in addition to this one to remove and fade the cold sore.