Lysine for Cold Sores

Lysine for Cold Sores Review

Guest article by Dr. Michael Chu
Dr. Michael Chu

Cold sores are small blisters around the lips and mouth caused by the herpes simplex virus. Because there is no cure for the herpes simplex virus, people who are infected and suffer from cold sores can become desperate to find some type of treatment that can reduce the occurrence of outbreaks and reduce the duration of outbreaks. In this desperation, ineffective treatments surrounded by propaganda can be pushed onto those who suffer from cold sores. One of the greatest successes of an ineffective treatment being taken as effective is the use of Lysine for cold sores.

How Does Lysine Work?
With all of the information on the Internet about the effectiveness of lysine for cold sores, it would seem unthinkable that it doesn’t actually work. However, this is exactly how the manufacturers of lysine supplements get people to believe their product works. They flood the media with false reports and fake testimonials so it is almost impossible to find the truth. The truth of the matter is that lysine as a treatment for cold sores is a complete myth, and all of the scientific studies that have been conducted by third-party medical researchers support this fact.

Early Studies
The reason that lysine has been able to be marketed so successfully as a cold sore treatment is because some early studies supported this theory. The problem is that later research showed the initial studies to be flawed. By this time, manufacturers had already started producing lysine supplements marketed to those suffering from cold sores, so they had a need to continue to perpetuate the myth.

How it is Supposed to Work
Lysine is supposed to work because it competes with another substance that supports the reproduction of the herpes virus – arginine. Both lysine and arginine are amino acids. It is thought that extra lysine in a person’s system pushes arginine out of the cells because space is limited, and only so many amino acids can inhabit the cells at once. This idea is patently false.

The Truth
The truth is that most people, including most people who suffer from outbreaks of cold sores, already get quite enough lysine in their diet. Lysine is present in great quantities of some of the most common of human foods, including chicken, fish, beef, beans, milk, eggs, and whole grains. Almost everyone already gets more than adequate amounts of lysine in their diet.

Eating just one chicken breast per day alone is enough to introduce 3 grams of lysine into the body. This is the same dose recommended by the manufacturers of lysine supplements.

Some people believe that more is better, but this is not the case with most dietary supplements, including lysine. Studies have shown that taking too many lysine supplements can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and kidney disease.

The simple truth about lysine is that it does not cure cold sores and it does not treat cold sores. In fact, too much lysine is detrimental to the human body.

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