Home Remedies for Cold Sores

All in All, Home Remedies are NOT as effective as over the counter products or prescriptions. If your best interest is in healing the cold sore as fast as possible, I suggest you head on over to the Product Center to get your products.

1. Ice

Ice will cool down the cold sore outbreak and infection, limiting the redness of the pus.

Apply Ice directly to the cold sore infected area, to reduce the swelling and redness of the cold sores. NOTE, this must be used only at the beginning phase of your cold sores. It will drive away the itching and irritability of the coldsore, delaying further outbreaks to spread over your face. Do not apply when the sore has opened, with the pus oozed out, for it will be detrimental to the healing process afterwards.

2. Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin Supplements is your consistent protection against massive outbreaks. It is both an healing and preventive measure against cold sore infections.

The reason behind this is the stress-related derivative of cold sores. Vitamins B and C will reduce stress levels, therefore reducing cold sore infection. It is NOT effective after the early phase of the outbreak and must be taken at the beginning of an cold sore infection.
3. Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil is the closest home remedy to the product known as Tea Tree Oil, so it will work on treating cold sores.

Garlic oil is a intensely strong medicine, and will keep your cold sore soft and less likely to crack or split open. Splitting open the cold sore will cause an “reactivation effect” that will allow the cold sores to come back in full form.


4. Toothpaste or Hydrogen Peroxide

Pasting Toothpaste overnight is one of the best methods to get rid of infections, which include ColdSores and Acne. Toothpaste must be applied generously on the cold sores, before sleep and in the morning for full effect.

The drying effect of the toothpaste will have an reverse effect on the coldsores, reducing the size of the pus, whilst keeping it soft. This is an 48 hour treatment usually and will work well.

NOTE, must use specific brands of toothpaste. Colgate will NOT work well.

Recommended toothpaste are Arm&Hammer, Mentadent, and Aquafresh.

5. Lysine Pills

Lysine is an typical home remedy, and popping 3000ML to 5000ML capsules a day is intended heal coldsores and prevent future reactivation of coldsores.

Lysine replaces arginine in the cells, which stops reproduction of new viruses. Unfortunately, this idea is patently false


“Top-Rated” Cold Sores Treatment

#1. Zapster
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Conclusively, the feeling of the ointment is wonderful on the skin, and is refreshing like a cool breeze sweeping over. Even applying directly to the genitalia, we found the feeling to be fabulous and not at all painful to the sensitivity of the area. Quite a plus in our book!

Zapster Highlights

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