Compeed Cold Sore Patches

Compeed Cold Sore Patches Review

At the sign of an outbreak use Compeed Cold Sore Patches on the infected area. While the area is isolated it provides faster healing and soothes burn and itch to heal the cold sore outbreak at any stage. The no touch design prevents secondary infections and contamination.

How Does Compeed Cold Sores Patches work?
Take the patch and use both hands to hold the ends of it. Follow the arrows on the patch and pull apart gently until the sticky adhesive is exposed halfway. Apply the half exposed patch on the cold sore and press firmly. Now slowly remove the other half until it is completely off. Press the patch firmly to get a good seal. Because it is so discreet the patch hides from view when adding lipstick or make-up on and around the patch. The main ingredient, hydrocolloid-075, is at work healing the cold sore from start to finish. When the patch detaches use another. Do this day and night until the cold sore is healed.

Compeed Cold Sores Patches Safety
Wash hands before and after use. To make sure the patch sticks don’t use any other cream before or during use. One patch only works for an average of eight hours. Do not touch the sticky adhesive. Don’t let the sore “breathe” because the healing process will take longer.

Compeed Cold Sore Patches only cure the outbreak not the virus. When the cold sore is completely healed use another product to fade the cold sore until skin is back to normal.