#1 Cold Sore Treatment Reviews

Looking For A Safe and Effective Cold Sore Treatment?

With a combination of over 30 years experience in herpes research, we have taken the guesswork out of finding the right herpes and cold sore treatment that is perfect for you. Conducting extensive research, gathering data from studies, natural remedies, scientific research and consumer reports, we review products based on the following categories:

What You Should Be Looking For In An Cold Sores or Herpes Treatment

Effectiveness: We want to recommend the top quality treatments for cold sores and herpes blisters, so before our review, we consider the strongest antidote that gets the skin healed. We ask ourselves “if the product really delivers the skin-healing properties it promises”. Our first and foremost priority is finding out this fact for ourselves and comparing it to the other products on the market.

Speed of Results: Our primary question here is, “how long does the treatment take to heal the infection site?”. We consider various factors and time the rate of relief to gauge the speed of cold sore relief. We put the product against industry standards to see how it fares among its competitors. Many promote instant relief of herpes but only a few can back up this statement.

Ingredients: It is important to make sure the product contains the right set of ingredients that would make it effective while keeping side effects away. We are fans of natural ingredients, as we find them to be more effective in treating herpes and coldsores without side effects. They tend to be more refreshing to the skin as well.

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