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Looking For A Safe and Effective Cold Sore Treatment?

With a combination of over 30 years experience in herpes research, we have taken the guesswork out of finding the right herpes and cold sore treatment that is perfect for you. Conducting extensive research, gathering data from studies, natural remedies, scientific research and consumer reports, we review products based on the following categories:

What You Should Be Looking For In An Cold Sores or Herpes Treatment

Effectiveness: We want to recommend the top quality treatments for cold sores and herpes blisters, so before our review, we consider the strongest antidote that gets the skin healed. We ask ourselves “if the product really delivers the skin-healing properties it promises”. Our first and foremost priority is finding out this fact for ourselves and comparing it to the other products on the market.

Speed of Results: Our primary question here is, “how long does the treatment take to heal the infection site?”. We consider various factors and time the rate of relief to gauge the speed of cold sore relief. We put the product against industry standards to see how it fares among its competitors. Many promote instant relief of herpes but only a few can back up this statement.

Ingredients: It is important to make sure the product contains the right set of ingredients that would make it effective while keeping side effects away. We are fans of natural ingredients, as we find them to be more effective in treating herpes and coldsores without side effects. They tend to be more refreshing to the skin as well.

Product Safety: Proper treatment and healing of herpes and coldsores are processes of delicate nature so we examine the side effects and safety of the product to the skin. Treating and healing cold sores is a delicate process and you need to know what a product is going to do to your skin before you use it.

Overall Value: Combining the above factors, we determine the quality of the product through its overall effectiveness, speed in relief, ingredients and product safety measures. We did not include price in our calculations as most components were similar in price range.


Although there are many companies out there peddling “miracle cures”, the truth is there are few products that can actually be classified as such. We understand that it is difficult to find an herpes or cold sore treatment that actually works, so we strived to provide honest reviews for treaments and home remedies in addition to medications and OTC creams. Your search stops here. Our staff consists of dermatologists who work with patients for skin diseases on a daily basis. Please send us an email if you would like us to review a specific product.


3 “Top-Rated” Cold Sores Treatment

#1. Zapster
Gliding to the best of the best, Zapster has proven to be one of the most effective cold sores treatment on the market. Attaining the perfect balance between natural ingredients and effective enhancements, the medical grade and preservative-free product treat and heal sores rapidly. Additionally, we’ve tried it on genital herpes and was surprised by its effectiveness towards HSV-2 conditions as well. We suspect the tea tree oil and aloe vera combination works wonders for the product.

Conclusively, the feeling of the ointment is wonderful on the skin, and is refreshing like a cool breeze sweeping over. Even applying directly to the genitalia, we found the feeling to be fabulous and not at all painful to the sensitivity of the area. Quite a plus in our book!

We are big fans of the high quality ingredients in Zapster and marvel at the speed of its effectiveness.

Here is our breakdown:

1. Effectiveness – 99/100
2. Speed of Results – 100/100
3. Ingredients – 100/100
4. Product Safety – 99/100
5. Overall – 100/100

Zapster Highlights

1. 30 day money back guarantee
2. Suggested Retail Price: $34.99
3. Lowest Price We’ve Found: $19.99

Zapster Key Facts

1. Contains 9 proven herpes killers
2. All natural
3. Refreshing and smooth moisturizer

#2. Xerese
Offering themselves as an prescription-based, topical acyclovir treatment with a touch of hydrocortisone, Xerese aims to be an effective cream utilizing its key ingredient. We were pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of the cream, which along with its anti-inflammatory, got rid of cold sores fairly quick. It is the first topical cream for cold sore treatment to boast an anti-viral medicine.

In research and studies by Meda, using Xerese at the first sign of a cold sore (tingling or prodrome stage) lessened the chance of the cold sore becoming worse (ulcerating). We concur with this agreement as Xerese was able to quell the oncoming coldsore with the acyclovir stinging the cold sore away.

Our only complaint is the lack of moisturizing qualities in the product in addition to the possibly liver-damaging ingredient, acyclovir, as Xerese’s main component. We found that Xerese lacked in the moisturizing department, leaving the skin cracked after the cold sores had healed. However, that is small concern as Xerese was able to clear our skin fast enough.

Here is our breakdown:

1. Effectiveness – 95/100
2. Speed of Results – 93/100
3. Ingredients – 85/100
4. Product Safety – 81/100
5. Overall – 90/100

Xerese Highlights

1. Money Back Guarantee: None
2. Suggested Retail Price: Varied. (Initial $15+ co/pay)
3. Lowest Price We’ve Found: Unknown

Xerese Key Facts

1. Contains acyclovir
2. First anti-viral topical treatment
3. Anti-Inflammatory

#1. H-Balm
As an OTC cold sores remedy whose main active components are organic oils, H-Balm impresses with its effective clearing of cold sores. The feeling of the product is not abrasive, and the lemon balm certainly helps refresh the sensitivity of the infection. As it comes in an 11mL bottle, we were happy with the amount of product we received as compared to other products.

Unfortunately, the product was used up quite quickly and this was due to the fact that cold sores kept returning even after applying the remedy multiple times. It is not made for long-term coldsore relief, and seems to be made for short-time treatments in multiple applications. We recommend staying on top of the treatment if you intend to go with the H-Balm.

Here is our breakdown:

1. Effectiveness – 86/100
2. Speed of Results – 85/100
3. Ingredients – 93/100
4. Product Safety – 92/100
5. Overall – 88/100

H-Balm Highlights

1. Money-back guarantee: 1-year
2. Suggested Retail Price: 39.99
3. Lowest Price We’ve Found: 29.99

H-Balm Key Facts

1. Contains all natural oils
2. 11 mL bottle, sizeable portion
3. Neutralizing organic extracts.

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