Cold Sore Prevention

Diagnosing and Preventing Cold Sores

Fever in the body can often trigger the onset of a cold sore. Some people even suffer outbreaks after being out in the sun for a while. At the onset there will be a tingling or itching feeling where the cold sore breakout is getting ready to occur. Often the cold sore is accompanies by a fever, headache, or swollen lymph glands.

It is unfortunately not possible to prevent a cold sore. Once the virus gets into the body, it will remain dormant until outbreak. Taking daily anti-viral medications could help, but often the infrequency of cold sore outbreaks do not warrant the intake of the medicine daily.

In order to control outbreaks Lysine taken in capsule form has shown favorable results as a preventive medication. Lysine, however, should not be taken long term. Lysine should be taken daily for three months, then halted for three months. If the cold sores occur more frequently in the winter along with regular colds, the Lysine can be taken during those months to help prevent outbreaks of cold sores. Lysine ointment is not as effective as the capsules, as the amino acids in the Lysine must get into the cells of the body to be released, and in turn effective.

Cold Sore Early Remedies

In the case of cold sores, the best “preventive” method is to kill the sore as soon as the outbreak occurs. Before the outbreak of the cold sore occurs, you will be able to feel a slight tingling or burning sensation in the location of your face where the cold sore will erupt. It will then lead to a small bump or hardness in the skin at this point. The earlier you can detect the cold sore, your recovery can quicken. Applying an anti-coldsore cream (tea tree oil) is often the best remedy at this stage and can literally get the cold sore gone within 24 hours!

Traditional remedies of prescription anti-viral medications can lessen the severity of outbreaks, and can lessen the frequency of outbreaks. These should only be taken when the cold sore spreads and has become an “severe” case. Prescription anti-viral creams and ointments also may help relieve symptoms when an outbreak occurs.

Research studies in England have concluded that depleted vitamin B12 may be a reason for cold sore outbreaks, so vitamin B supplements have been recommended.

While lysine can help with occurrences of cold sores, arginine amino acid may encourage cold sores. Foods such as peanuts and chocolate, oatmeal and whole-wheat products contain arginine, so should be reduced in a person’s diet.

Ice can help soothe and heal outbreaks when they occur. Fresh aloe vera directly from the plant is one of the best cures for outbreaks of cold sores. Zinc sulfate is also recommended for healing a cold sore quickly.

Cold Sore Cycles (And when best to treat it)

Cold sore cycle