Carmex Cold Sore Treatment

Carmex Cold Sore Treatment
Extreme winds, sun, dry air, and even stress can cause dry, chapped lips called cheilitis and cold sores. There are many balms available to relieve these conditions and prevent further damage. One brand that has been around for a long times is Carmex.

How does Carmex work?
Carmex is a lip protectant, emollient and external analgesic formulated specifically to relieve cold sores and ease discomfort due to dry, chapped lips. All Carmex products are based on the original formula prepared by inventor Alfred Woelbing in 1937. It is made of premium and mostly natural ingredients including menthol to zap germs and soothe chapped lips and camphor for pain relief. These two ingredients produce that pleasant, tingling sensation when Carmex is applied to the lips. Other ingredients are salicylic acid for pain relief, phenol for its anesthetic and antiseptic properties and the natural moisturizers lanolin, cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe. Carmex Lip Balm is available in different flavors and various packaging, all handy enough so that the products can be used indoors and outdoors.

How safe is Carmex?
Carmex products are safe to use. There are no ingredients which could possibly be addictive or harmful to humans. It is not tested on animals. Carmex does not contain gluten. It has a long shelf life because of the presence of antispetic ingredients like salicylic acid and phenol. Nonetheless, Carmex uses first-rate ingredients only, incorporating food grade flavor over fragrances to give the product its distinctive scent. Carma Labs, based in Wisconsin, has gone a step further by introducing greener packaging for its jar products.

Carmex lip balm can be safely and effectively used to heal cold sores and relieve dry, irritated lips. It is also helpful to avoid licking chapped lips and to drink plenty of fluids to keep the body hydrated to prevent and heal cold sores and cheilitis.