Canker-Rid Cold Sore Treatment
The use of bee byproducts has long been common in the medical and homeopathic field. Durham is a family-owned and operated bee farm that produces products intended for healing and wellness. Durham’s Canker-Rid is a product made by bees called Propolis intended to be used to treat canker sores, mouth sores, mouth ulcers, cold sores, and fever blisters.

How Does Canker-Rid work?
Canker-Rid numbs the area of the sore inside the mouth. It also provides a covering over the sore to protect the area of the mouth even in spite of a moist surface. Additionally, it helps to kill the bacteria that caused the sore inside the mouth because of the use of Propolis and alcohol. Bee Propolis is a plant resin collected by bees which guards against bacterial and fungal growth.

Canker-Rid Safety
Canker-Rid is made from a proprietary blend of Honey Bee Propolis and food grade alcohol. Because it is not medication, it can be used multiple times a day without side effects to relieve pain of a sore. This product may stain teeth. Anyone who is allergic to honey bee stings should use caution when using this product. If an allergic reaction is suspected because of exposure to bee products, Canker-Rid should not be used.

Canker-Rid Conclusion
Canker-Rid is an effective product that can be used in place of or in addition to prescription medications. Canker-Rid will not prevent canker sores or other mouth lesions, but it is an effective treatment by many for the irritation caused by them.